Can Do Fitness In Short Hills Warns That Early Childhood Obesity Can Lead To Cardiovascular Disease

Fitness fanatics warned of health risks

New research presented by Dr. Stephen Daniels, a leading author of childhood obesity impact studies, on Nov. 12 at the American Heart Associations scientific meeting, revealed that overweight and obese children had larger hearts, thicker vessel walls, and worse left ventricular function than their normal weight peers. Daniels further pointed out that premature aging of the heart that ultimately can lead to cardiovascular disease later in life. The results of the study suggest aggressive risk factor modification. This includes looking at the childs context including nutritional intake at home, physical activity, and establishing positive peer influences such as team sports or health-based environments including fitness centers that specialize in adolescent healthy living. Prevention is key, including healthy, lifestyle education and an explanation of long-term outcomes for both parent and child.
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“Each week, the calories would be reduced and cardio would be added, and as you lose body fat, your mind starts to play tricks on you,” he said. “I lost my desire for everything. All I could think of was food.” Alkadhi said he believed all bodybuilders had some form of obsessive compulsive disorder, as they scrutinised every inch of their body to achieve perfection. But the mental health factor is not the only problem facing keen gym-goers.
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